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Air Charters of Excellence was founded in 2003 when we noticed a considerable decline in the comfort, personal attention, and ease of service in the airline industry, things that passengers should not have to endure.  Our friendly pilot had more than 30 years years of major airline and captain experience, as well as flying anything from the smallest Cessna, to jumbo airliners.

Very importantly, we have both a perfect pilot and company safety record!

Air Charters of Excellence wishes to be more than an air taxi service to you in your travels, whether they are for leisure or business, or light cargo.  Most times we can arrange to have your rental car parked next to the plane and to transfer your luggage directly.

Another advantage to using our personal air charter service is seen when most of even the small airports have conference rooms available for your meetings, which can further reduce your travel time to clients.  Usually we can couple this with the reduced congestion at smaller airports.

Therefore, you can see that we are very interested in developing relationships with you for your air travel needs, so that we can better plan the details that you desire.

When flying with ACE, you will get warm, friendly service, an experience lost to the major airlines; once you've tried us, you'll know who to use!

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