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   Our Cessna 210

Our aircraft is this beautiful, meticulously maintained Cessna 210.  This extremely low-time aircraft has an almost new engine, as well as a recently installed "All Garmin" glass cockpit, complete with state-of-the-art electronic updates, including GPS, navigation, communication, engine monitoring, weather depiction, and air traffic alert systems - all for your added safety.  The high wing helps ease cabin entry, as well as not obstructing your sightseeing during the flight.  The comfortable, almost new interior seats up to 5 passengers, and includes XM Radio with noise cancelling headsets.  With its retractable landing gear, this aircraft cruises at 185mph, so we'll get you to your destination fast, and on your schedule.

Need to take a vacation down in the Keys, or maybe a golf trip to Augusta?  We'll get you there quicker, with less hassle!

Seats: 5 passengers
Cruise Speed: 161kts/185mph

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