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Business Trips

Have a meeting in another town?  If you are departing from Fayetteville or anywhere else in Fayette County, charter us out of Peachtree City - Falcon Field Airport, or have us meet you at the airport of your choosing.  We'll get you there at your time of choosing, and even get you home for dinner!  In fact, many of our clients are able to hit multiple stops in one day, something they previously were not able to do unless they spent several days traveling.  We service many smaller airports airliners cannot get into, helping you arrive closer to your destination sooner, minimizing downtime.  You're the master of your timetable!

Weekend Getaway
Charter us to fly to the Florida Keys for a fishing trip, or take the family to see the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.  Air Charters of Excellence will save you time while flying you to the destination of your choice.  What's more, relax and enjoy the entire trip, with none of the stress associated with airline flying.  Simply drive up to our plane, and we'll take you where you want to go - and once you arrive, grab your bags and go in seconds, not half an hour later.

Need to fly to a friend or family's wedding?  Or maybe you're getting married yourself - there's no better way to start your honeymoon off right than to be able to drive right up to a private charter plane waiting to take you to your destination.  What an experience!

Pet Transport
Trying to take a vacation with the family pet can become a stressful situation, especially on long road trips.  In addition, many people are leery of entrusting the care of their dog, cat, bird, or other small pet to the care of an airliner and the unsavory cargo area underneath the cabin of a jet, not knowing for the duration of the flight if their animal is uncomfortable or upset.  With our premier, personal charter, you can have your pet with you in the cabin, knowing they are safe and happy.  Whether it's for vacation or for a move, we'll help you keep peace of mind and minimize the hassle.

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